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Pub Walk (86) Saturday 3rd November 2018, from the Fox Inn, Broadwell

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  Seventeen walkers turned up at Broadwell for the 86th Saturday Pub Walk. This is the second walk here enabled by a change of Landlord this year following Mike and Carol’s retirement. The previous walk No 17 by 9 walkers was held on 6th February 2010.


  After ordering lunch we assembled for the usual pub photo (Photo 1) and set off right from the car park and turned left taking the next footpath on our left past the magnificent Manor Farm (Photo 2) to the Church. Right to the road then left at the road junction heading NW up to the Fosseway. Take care crossing over this busy road following the road opposite to Donnington. On reaching Donnington turn right then at the next sharp left turn take the footpath to the right carrying round a large house and grounds on the left (Photo 3) and an inquisitive horse (Photo 4).


  Follow the footpath over several fields past woodland with great views ahead to the outskirts of Longborough, turning sharp left on a footpath near Banks Fee onto the Heart of England Way. Now heading South after an uphill stretch through woods past a lake and a further field turn left at a junction of paths heading East.

Across two fields arriving at the monument to the Civil War Battle of Stow in 1646 (Photo 5) A great place to rest after the last hill and to read the brass plate and battle description before moving East towards Donnington.


  At the Road turn right past a restored village pump (Photo 6) now heading South. Stay on the road out of the village taking a path to the left and ahead still South. Easy walking past farm buildings on the right into open country then left at a junction of paths. (Photo 7) to regroup with weather remaining fine and dry. Now a short distance to re-cross the Fosseway onto a quiet road with great views of Autumn leaves towards Broadwell (Photo 8)


 Right at the junction via the churchyard to the village ford carrying recent heavy rain (Photo 9). A pause to try the playground (Photo 10) and back to the pub for a great lunch hosted by new Landlord Ed Simpson (Photo 11) who previously ran the Golden Ball at Lower Swell and then The Fox at Lower Oddington.


  Three beers on offer BB, SBA and Gold all in great condition.


  The next walk is the 87th on Saturday 8th December at the Royal Oak in Andoversford.


Report and photos by Roger Price


Tel 01451 810305

Mob 07850 429630


Pictures taken on the walk (see note at foot of page):




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            Note – Please ignore the black spot on the bottom left of all the photos – this is a known problem with some older digital cameras, which gets worse over time, unless the camera image surface is regularly cleaned (not the lens).