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Pub Walk (76) Saturday 1st April 2017, from the Kings Arms, Mickleton

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  Fifteen walkers turned up at the Kings Arms Mickleton for the 76th Saturday Pub Walk. A previous walk from the Butchers Arms Walk No 20 in October 2010 reminded us of the walk today but a different pub qualifying the return to Mickleton. Weather was sunny and dry as we set off after the team photo (Photo1). Heading right from the car park and right towards the church.


  Heading SE we soon emerged into open country across a field then uphill with Kiftscate Court on our left (Photo 2). Pausing at the top after the steep climb next to the Kiftscate entrance we crossed the road taking a footpath opposite staggered to the right. This footpath passed along the western edge of Hidcote Gardens emerging at a cross roads where we turned right heading south past Hidcote Bartrim.


  Lovely old thatched properties along here ending at a farm gate with an inquisitive hooded horse (Photo 3). Through the gate past the on looking chickens (Photo 4) and across three fields to Hidcote Boyce. Turning Right and now heading South. Crossing the road to a footpath alongside a modern house with extensive well tended gardens that used to be a pub.


  Lovely views ahead and turning right then left around two fields then right before Starveall Farm to Bakers Hill Wood. A feature here is the First World War Belgian Soldiers Head carved in a large Beech Tree (Photo 5) and nearby our first Blue Bell (Photo 6). Crossing the next Road we headed downhill across two fields past an impressive Canadian Fir Tree (Photo 7) sheltering several sheep and their lambs from the sun. Back at Mickleton Cemetery the Cherry Blossom was worth a picture (Photo 8)


  At this Enterprise pub for lunch (Photo 9 and 10) and a choice of Bombardier Gold and Old Speckled Hen.


  The next walk is the 77th of the series on Saturday 6th May 2017 at the Sherborne Arms Aldsworth, the last before the Summer Festival Break.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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