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Pub Walk (67) Saturday 2nd April 2016, from the Seven Tuns, Chedworth

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 67th Pubwalk started from the Seven Tuns Chedworth. Reopened in May 2015 after closure for two years awaiting repairs and a tenant for this Wellington Pub Co asset. Present long term tenant Liz Henty offers a return to a quality experience much appreciated by the Chedworth community. North Cotswold CAMRA are committed to support her with the recent skittle evening held there and now a walk. Beer choice has improved with Otter and Tap added to the initial Hooky offering. The initial choice of Hooky or old Hooky has moved on.


  Original Walk No 13 ran in October 2009 with 10 walkers and then No 52 in May 2014 with 9 walkers hoping to find the pub open again. It did not happen that time and we started and finished at the Fossebridge Inn instead but passed the Seven Tuns to demonstrate our support.


  This time we attracted 15 walkers and a dog for the third Chedworth walk. Having ordered lunch and taken the pub photo (Photo 1) we set off uphill in fine weather but soon took the first footpath on the left heading SE.


  Across the first field we turned sharp left over the redundant railway embankment. Around the edge of the next field in a clockwise direction now heading SE again keeping the emerging River Coln on our left. (Photo 2)


  We walked over the next three fields encountering some friendly sheep, rare breeds as usual until chased away by the rams. (Photo 3).  Emerging at the road we turned left then left uphill past on footpath sign then past houses until picking up the first of two footpath to our left. This takes us NW with wonderful views over the valley we had just walked through. (Photo 4)


  Emerging at the road we turned left downhill then right at the next junction taking the right hand footpath leading uphill with stunning panoramic views of Upper Chedworth to our left. (Photo 5)


  Shortly crossing a junction of paths, care required taking the second path ahead, i.e. leave one to our left. We are now heading North!. Across three fields into Chedworth Woods downhill towards the Roman Villa.


  On reaching the road ignore the N. T. car park on the left but carry straight on and then left passing the Villa main entrance. If you have not visited before please do not miss it and stay awhile.


  Carrying on, a footpath appears into the woods under the old railway uphill through an arch (Photo 6) then take the next footpath on the left back to Chedworth uphill through the woods emerging at fields then straight ahead down some steps and back to Chedworth Church to regroup (Photo 7). A footpath on the left downhill takes us back to the pub and a rushing waterfall opposite to wash off muddy boots. (Photo 8)


  Lunch was taken in the garden and private function room (Photo 9) for privacy since another walking party of twenty were expected in the main dining area.


  Very popular local micro Tap Glow ran out and a fresh barrel ticked all the boxes.


  Watch out for an extra special Spring walk one evening near Rencombe and a taster visit to this brewery at Marsden.


  Next walk No 68 on 7th May at the Crown & Trumpet, Broadway to celebrate the 2017 North Cotswold Festival Polo Shirt sponsorship and its 30 years anniversary of GBG entry.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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