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Pub Walk (56) Saturday 10th January 2015, from the Halfway House, Kineton

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 56th Pub walk started from the Half Way House Kineton (Photo 1) when seven regulars turned up for our first walk of 2015. It should have taken place on the 3rd Jan but was delayed a week due to bad weather. Early rain on the 10th probably deterred a few more also various January ailments. The weather was dry as we set off turning left out of the car park then first left after a few a short while heading N. This route on the paved road led downhill to a ford over the Windrush which did not look inviting for normal road cars. We crossed on the adjacent higher path. Left at the track leading to a T junction where we turned left passing another deep ford then left up the hill past some houses to the T junction in Kineton.


  Staggered cross roads which we crossed heading W along Gritchford Lane. Turned right after a few hundred yards onto a bridleway heading up hill gradually on firm ground past Sheep House Barn. Wonderful easy walking with views to the left. At the next cross roads we turned left through some carved stones along a track changing to a downhill path emerging and crossing at a small stream running through Castlett Wood.


  This wide well walked route is generally very popular in Summer but quiet today as we headed south alongside the stream for a mile to a cross road (Photo 2) We turned left along Critchford Lane but the view and position of the Manor House behind is stunning and is a very good place to start a walk and park. Down hill to another ford in full flow we continued uphill and then turned right heading E along a road towards Castlett Farm where we turned left and NE through a garden on a public footpath opposite the entrance to the much modified and enhanced Caslett Farm.


  We note the map indicates the site of a medieval village to our left as we emerged at the top of the slope at a small wood (Photo 3) Straight on here following  a hedge to our right down towards Home Farm with our favourite animals posing to our right. (Photo 4, 5 and 6). On to the road where we turned left back to the pub for lunch. Choice of well kept Donnington Gold and BB, where most opted for the Gold and a very fine lunch in front of a roaring log fire. (Photo 7 and 8)


 This pub is well worth a visit and the lunch menu was excellent and great value along with the beer.


 Next walk No 57 is at the Seagrave Arms at Weston Subedge on 31st January.


Report by Roger Price


Tel 01451 810305

Mob 07850 429630


Pictures taken on the walk:




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