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Pub Walk (54) Saturday 1st November 2014, from the Coach & Horses, BOTW.

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


 The 54th Pub walk started from the Coach and Horses on the Fosseway near Bourton arranged to support new tenants who have taken a 5 year lease following a number of very short term tenants. This walk attracted 9 walkers who assembled outside the pub in warm autumn sunshine after pre ordering their lunch (Photo 1).


  First challenge was crossing the Fosseway which was particularly busy concluding the half term week, however once across we headed NW on the Heart of England Way veering slightly left at the first field boundary on a less well worn path crossing over two fields via styles. Passing some N Cots mascots (Photo 2) expressing slight interest we emerged at a road where we turned left (Photo 3) walking uphill to a T junction where we crossed over onto the Macmillan Way.


  This is a popular walk and still rising up hill we paused to let a horse pass (Photo 4) as we emerged at the road to Naunton. Crossing over still on the Macmillan Way along a well worn path over afield of crops we turned right at the junction of paths heading N. This section is 190 meters high with great views to the W up the Windrush Valley. Picking up the Naunton Road again we continued N uphill and turned R at the road sign to Upper Slaughter, with fine views of Manor Farm to our left . This time downhill with great views of Upper Slaughter Manor ahead (Photo 5). Resisting the easy walk down we turned sharp left onto a path taking us NW uphill past a wood to our left. At a gate with open ground ahead we turned right.


  Through another gate once more taking us downhill along a path to Upper Slaughter (Photo 6) and at the bottom fine views of the Church (Photo 7) Here we split and the lady walkers opted for the easy route straight ahead into the village and the rest turned slightly left and ahead across a rickety style and field, another dodgy style down a steep bank emerging at the lane adjacent to the River Eye and turned right. We crossed the next footbridge on our left (Photo 8) and rejoined the waiting ladies who were pleased to see the survivors of the arduous route.


  Heading E past fine houses we veered Left at the T junction uphill past a house in construction and picked up a footpath straight ahead at the next bend to the left. Once on the path we kept left still heading E parallel to the road and then back onto the road for over a mile. At the road junction we veered left and crossed over the road through a gate heading along the field edge on a locals path with a wood to our left. This cuts the corner off as we headed SE picking up the Macmillan Way and turning right. This saves about a mile going further N and joining the Macmillan Way via the Monarch / Glos. Way.


  We soon arrived at Lower Slaughter via the cricket Ground and turned right alongside the Church before emerging at the Slaughters Inn(formerly Washbourne Court) and turned left along the river (Photo 9) We turned right at the nest footpath heading S past the Slaughter Inn garden with a party in full swing (Photo 10). Taking the next path to our left we followed a winding trail past the River Eye yet to become the Dikler (Photo 11) before crossing over the Fosse Way again and turning right on to a footpath alongside the road side hedge and soon back to the pub for 1230hrs.


  Beer on offer was Hook Norton Lion and Doombar with predictably everyone opting for the Lion (Photo12) with lunch  served in the recently redecorated dining room (Photo 13)


  Next walk will be No 55 on 29th November 2014 at The Plough at Stretton on Fosse. This is a welcome revisit due to a new owner and also importantly now a free house. After lunch at 14:00 hrs a visit to N Cots Brewery to present their certificate for winning the Summer GWR Festival with Hung Drawn and Portered and possibly a sample.


Report by Roger Price


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