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Pub Walk (53) Saturday 4th October 2014, from the George Hotel, Lower Brailes

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 53rd Pub walk started from the George Hotel at Lower Brailes selected due to its proximity to Brailes Hill a 232 metre high dominant hill with very fine views on a clear day.


  This walk following the Summer break attracted 6 walkers, less than normal due to a clash of events and heavy rain. We donned our wet weather gear and set off agreeing to order food on our return. Heading west along the main road towards Upper Brailes we turned left opposite the school heading South along Sutton Lane. After a few hundred meters we turned right along a marked footpath across two fields emerging at a road (Photo 1). We turned left for a very short distance then right up through some woods with very much evidence of nocturnal creatures.


  After a fairly steep climb we passed New House Barn following the contours of the hill ignoring a path to our right going straight up the hill. The rain was now starting to ease and it looked much brighter to the West as the storm passed over. Following the hedge we came to a junction of paths crossing a style then turning right now heading North. Continuing North on the 200 meter contour and avoiding dropping down hill to the west we followed a well worn path circumnavigating the hill.


  Now heading NE to the right of Jenny Swift Plantation, the intended route was to drop down to Tusbrook Farm to the road at Upper Brailes Cross over Castle Hill Lane returning to Lower Brailes via Brailes House and Glebe Farm. Unfortunately yours truly missed the turning ignoring Patrick’s advice and ended up at Hill Barn requiring an off piste drop down to Upper Brailes crossing Hen Brook. We did discover a herd of deer during this excursion and overcoming a barbed wire fence picked up the footpath from Gillett Hill (Photo 2) before rejoining the road and heading straight back to the pub along the main road.


  Pausing for a photograph outside the George (Photo 3) before discarding the wet gear and seeking the open fire inside. The beer from Hook Norton was excellent also the reasonably priced food. Most opted for the Lion but the Hooky and Old Hooky were also available (Photo 4)


  The lunch was extremely convivial and most welcome after a challenging walk.


  Next walk will be No 54 on 1st November 2014 at The Coach and Horses at Bourton on the Water. This is a revisit with new young enthusiastic landlords now in the Coach who hopefully will become more permanent having taken a five year lease from Enterprise.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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