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Pub Walk (52) Saturday 10th May 2014, from the Seven Tuns, Chedworth

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale



  The 52nd Pubwalk was held to support the potential reopening of the Seven Tuns at Chedworth, significant, since this pub was the location of our inaugural Branch meeting back in Nov 2009.


  Our 13th Pubwalk was held at the Seven Tuns attended by 10 walkers in Oct 2009. This time we had nine who set off in sunshine from the Fossebridge Inn (Photo1) The Seven Tuns owned by the Wellington Pub Co had failed to reopen for the walk due to major building works but is now expected to reopen in Summer 2014, hence the change in starting point and lunch location.


  We turned right from the pub and headed uphill back towards Cirencester and turned right onto a footpath just past a road on our right. This path takes you along Hedgely Bottom and we soon came to a delightful lake recently formed (Photo 2).

Soon after we emerged in Lower Chedworth at a stile (Photo 3). We turned left and followed the road for half a mile up the hill past a road on our right then taking the second footpath on our right. This ran parallel to the main road at the foot of the valley through Well Hill. Turning right at the road then left onto another footpath after we passed a local traveller (Photo 4).


  In the next field we were buzzed by two black rare breeds (Photo 5) before passing three Lamas on our right. (Photo 6) Left at the disused railway bank then right we emerged at the road with the waterfall opposite the Seven Tuns. Unable to partake we paused for a rest (Photo 7)


  Continuing Easterly on the road up a challenging steep hill (Photo 8) we took the second footpath on our right which was a bridleway at the very top of the hill. We pushed on this straight track for over a mile emerging at Pancakehill (Photo 9) for a rest before dropping down to a T junction with a footpath straight ahead which we followed back to the pub along the north side of Hedgley Bottom.


  We came to the rear of the Fossebridge Inn (Photo 10) and walked around the lake before settling at our reserved table for lunch (Photo 11). 60p per pint CAMRA discount was gratefully received at a bar with a sign labelled David Cameron Brewers Laurencekirk costing 2 shillings 6 pence a pint in 1945 (Photo 12)


Next walk will be No 53 on 4th October 2014 at The George Hotel, Brailles.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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