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Gold Pub Walk (50) Saturday 1st March 2014, from the Ebrington Arms, Ebrington

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The third walk of 2014 was held back at the Ebrington Arms in memory of our first walk in March 2008 attended by 7 walkers. This time we had a record 25 turn up with three dogs who before setting off in sunshine, were pictured (Photo1) in front of the pub who were also celebrating the launch of their own third real ale named Yubby Pale Ale. More of that later.


  Heading North we took the first right road fork and the second footpath on our right. Conditions were slippery following heavy rain in previous weeks so many wore wellies expecting some puddles or very muddy bits. As we climbed upwards across three fields conditions improved and we came to the Hidcote Boyce road from Ebrington. (Photo2) Crossing straight over for a further three fields emerging at a junction of roads for a rest (Photo 3). We carried on the road to Hidcote Boyce turning right to a gate and footpath beyond. Heading NE not E (choice of two footpaths) we came to Hidcote Bartrim and rested in the courtyard at the front of Hidcote Manor. A glorious spot to dwell a while (Photo 4).


  On our way again N along the road we soon turned right at the cross roads on to a road and then bridleway heading steeply uphill (Photo 5) past horses (Photo 6) and then a right and left turn flooded on the same bridleway, flooded and rutted in places. (Photo 7) Reaching a road and crossing over we followed a slippery footpath to a road where we turned right (Close to The Downs House)


  The road headed up hill in a SW direction taking a footpath on the left heading almost S. Look out for a sharp up a bank footpath on the right close to woods which we clambered apart from a few who missed it. Plain sailing after that s towards Ebington crossing 6 fields (Photo 8) with tremendous views over the valley towards Campden.


  Reaching the road back at Ebrington we followed the pavement (Photo 9) back to our start eager to sample the Yubby Pale ale along with two others namely Yubby Bitter and Yawnie offered in third point glasses. (Photo 10) Compliments of Jim and Claire to celebrate the walk and the new beer. Many thanks from N Cots and we enjoyed an excellent lunch (Photo 11) which we had pre booked before setting off. We also met our Tippler Editor Chris Leibbrandt and two friends from Tewkesbury Sub Branch who joined us subsequent to the walk which was very useful for the pub and our own committee.


  Next walk is on 12th April starting from the Harvest Home Grete for a walk and visit to Goffs Brewery near Winchcombe.

Report by Roger Price


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