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Pub Walk (49) Saturday 1st February 2014, from the Plough at Stretton on Fosse.

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 49th Pubwalk in our series took place on 1st Feb when sixteen walkers and Hamish turned up for a walk at the Plough.(Photo1) This walk was scheduled for the Churchill at Paxford but changed to the Plough due to the sudden closure of the Churchill. Weather was sunny as we set off from the car park having ordered our Lunch in this ex Warwickshire POTY 2008 and amazingly not in 2014 GBG. This will change since this Enterprise asset is selling within the month to a new local owner and should flourish again in the free market.


  Turning right out of the car park we soon found a footpath to our left and were joined by our Cheltenham contingent with off white canine. Rather muddy across the first two fields before joining the paved gated road heading North to the junction with the B4035. Turning left we walked on the verge (Photo 2) towards Ebrington but turned North again along a paved track to Far Longdon. No time for a recce meant some delay at the Farm as we eventually found the footpath through the property.(Thanks Richard and Chris) Emergoing on the path in a NW direction we paused at an avenue of trees (Photo 3) for stragglers and turned left (Photo 4) This was very fine walking in great country as we approached Compton Scorpion Manor and turned left heading South into the sun (Photo 5) leaving the Manor behind (Photo 6)


  On reaching the B4035 again we turned right around the bend then left onto a gravel drive into Charringworth Grange. Skirting the property to the South past a house (Photo 7) we emerged in open farm land with views of Stretton ahead and below. Following the footpath alongside hedge rows (Photo 8) we arrived at the sports field (Photo 9) as the weather clouded over.

Back at the Pub we enjoyed an excellent lunch with open fires and oak beams (Photo 10) and excellent ale, choice of 4 (Photo 11), Bob, Chilly Dog ,Dorothy and we cannot mention Doom Bar.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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