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Pub Walk (48) Saturday 11th January 2014, from the New Inn, Willersey.

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The first walk of 2014 planned originally for 4th January was deferred to 11th January due to persistent rain but 13 walkers and friends were rewarded by dry weather when assembling a week later at the New Inn (Photo 1), some for the second or third time if the recce walk was included.


  We set off in a southerly direction some with wellies along the road to Broadway. Once past the housing estate a footpath appeared on the left on a track and shortly right across a very wet field to the hedge in the corner (Photo 2) Left here and across two fields to a copse on the right. Then left across a field below Foxhill Manor through the Convention Centre (Photo 3) onto a road heading North emerging at Campden Lane. Very good views towards the Malverns for much of this stretch. Crossing over in the same direction past unusual friendly black sheep (Photo 4) for a further two fields with Saintbury Church ahead.(Photo 5) Skirting past the Church to the South we emerged at the road through Saintbury. Turning  right for a short distance then left on a footpath heading NW past a house and barn. Cross a style on the left and follow the hedge to the right for two fields to a junction of paths where we turned right Alongside a fence to our right following the footpath over two fields we emerged at a wide bridleway and a field of inquisitive ponies.(Photo 6)


  Heading north on the bridleway past two fields we picked up a footpath to the left which crossed three fields back to the junction of paths mentioned earlier. This time talking the more northerly direction heading for a large house and stables almost directly West. Soon skirting the house on its south boundary we emerged at the road. Turning right for a very short distance then turned left on a lane leading to a footpath. Crossing three more fields of Upper Wall Farm we then turned 90 degrees to the right now heading NW. towards Oaklands Farm but turning left at a junction of paths towards and past Willersey Church (Photo 7). At the main road we turned left past a garage with several classic cars we ended back at the New Inn.


  Excellent Value Lunch was served along with Donnington Black Swan, BB and SBA.(Photo 8) This pub has a roaring drinkers trade helping to ensure good quality ale with very attentive staff (Photo 9)


  On the western extremity of our Branch area the walk gave many of us an opportunity to experience an unspoiled gem within the Donnington Estate.


Report by Roger Price


Tel 01451 810305

Mob 07850 429630


Pictures taken on the walk:




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