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Pub Walk (41) Saturday 9th March 2013, from the Plough Inn, Ford

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 41st Pub walk in our series took place on 9th March when thirteen walkers and one little white dog turned up for a damp walk in Racing Country.(Photo1) This was a second walk at the Plough invited by Donnington Landlord, ex hunt jockey Craig and appropriately just prior to the Cheltenham Festival. Two members from Tewkesbury sub Branch also participated and gave apologies for other potential walker who had just succumbed to flu.


  The weather was damp with very fine rain as we set opposite the pub to the North past Twiston Davis horses with Hamish safely on his lead. (Photo 2). Past the gallops we crossed over the course on the footpath still in mist (Photo 3) emerging at Buckle Street and a very attractive flower border under the Jackdaw Castle nameplate adding some colour to a grey day. (Photo 4)


  Crossing straight over along the Diamond and Gloucestershire Way  to the north we shortly dog legged past and through the delightful Ford Hill Farm, with many interested new born lambs (Photo 5)


  Carrying on we encountered some other walkers approaching with two dogs much to Hamish’s delight.(Photo 6)

Conflict avoided we carried on until reaching a copse and merging of footpaths where we turned sharp left through a gate and across a muddy field heading roughly south. Reaching a gate we carried straight on with a wood just to our left emerging at a track that turned into a road emerging again at Buckle Street (Photo 7). The weather by now was clearing and Peter found the way (Photo 8) and we headed for Cutsdean. Down hill with surface water cleaning our boots we past through Cutsdean and turned left onto a footpath immediately past a row of houses.


  Through a gate into a field full of soggy lambs (Photo 9) even younger than the last lot.


  Keen now to get back to the pub we hurried along the well signed footpath over a valley and returned via the gallops footpath back to the car park.


  A reserved table awaited (Photo 10) and we enjoyed a very well kept, fresh barrel of Donnington Gold.(Photo 11) and an excellent lunch. Thanks to Craig and Tewkesbury ‘s Steve and Emma who kept up a good pace on the walk in tricky conditions for most of the way


Next Walk :-


Chequers at Churchill on 6th April 1030hrs, Choice of 6 real ales. £2.90 pint.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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