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Pub Walk (40) Saturday 2nd February 2013, from the Coach & Horses, Bourton

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  This walk also featured a visit to the Cotswold Brewing Company


  The 40th Pub walk in our series took place on 2nd Feb 2013 when twelve walkers turned up for a delightful walk in the Slaughter area.(Photo 1) This was a late walk selection to welcome a new landlord at the Coach & Horses and to visit the Cotswold Brewing Company opposite the pub. Two members from N Oxford Branch and two from Shakespeare also participated.


  The weather was dry and sunny as we set off across the busy Fosse Way and headed west along the well trodden footpath to Lower Slaughter. This is part of the Heart of England Way and we soon encountered the River Eye that runs through the Slaughters. Turning right and then left we crossed over the road by the Church and followed the road past fine houses around two bends and came out on the N side of Lower Slaughter. We ignored the first footpath on the left and took the second about 400 meters further on. Heading north across one field and a road which we crossed over at Copse Hill then staying close to the woods on the right (Photo 2)


  Jon Pilling restraining Max on the lead was pulled up the hill past a curious sheep (Photo 3) but take care to look out for the gate and footpath on the right heading into the wood. A short stretch through the wood across the estate drive and north through into open fields keeping a stone wall on your left.(Photo 4)


  The views to the right over the valley in clear weather were stunning (Photo 5)


  Emerging at a road we turned left and were passed by the post van for the first time (Photo 6)


  Entering Upper Slaughter we turned right and crossed over the crystal clear spring fed waters of the River Eye (Photo 7) over a footbridge next to the Ford (Photo 8). Past the Church on our right we turned left at road end with gates to Lords of the Manor on our right (Photo 9). Tasking the next footpath on our right we passed spring snowdrops and to our right a view of the rear of the Lords of the Manor which is open to non residents for a drink overlooking the Slaughter valley, note that post van again (Photo 10) The path ahead back to Lower Slaughter is wide across open fields (Photo11) until reaching a gate recording a Royal presence in 1981 (Photo 12)


  Pausing at the famous Mill (Photo 13) and a view of the turning water wheel (Photo 14) we carried on past the Lower Slaughters Inn (Renamed from the earlier Washbourne Court) (Photo 15) and turned right then left along a footpath alongside the River Eye rushing its way towards Bourton (Photo 16). At the Fosse Way we crossed over and followed a footpath to the right heading South parallel to the main road then joining the verge we passed the trading estate then arrived back at the pub for the usual group record.(Photo 17)


  Welcomed by Les Huntsman proudly displaying the choice of Otter or TT Landlord (Photo 18) we were joined by Martyn Herbert who had surveyed other local pubs before joining us (Photo 19) While we awaited our Lunch served by Landlady Sharron.


  After lunch the hardcore reconvened at The Cotswold Brewing Company (Photo 20)  just over the road to meet owner Rick Keene who shared a huge range of lager, stout, cider, gin and vodka with the team expertly preparing and serving the latter (Photo 21) for our remaining lady companions. The rest had gone shopping. Cheers (Photo 22)


  Eventually we did get into the brewery itself (Photo 23) and heard the technical stuff with the usual humorous anecdotes and thanked Rick for the two hour visit on what should have been  his day off.


Report by Roger Price.        Next Walk Plough at Ford on 9th March - 20% off Food & Ale


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