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Pub Walk (38) Saturday 1st December 2012, from the Killingwoth Castle, Wooton by Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 38th Pub walk in our series took place on 1st December when some of our regular walkers met for the opening the Killingworth Castle for an inaugural walk around this reopening pub. Jim and Claire from the Ebrington Arms have purchased it from Green King and extensively refurbished it after several months closure. Some of their regulars joined us for the walk. He served yours truly with a snifter before setting off (Photo 1) Bit early for me but had to try the first Uley Bitter out of the new pumps.


  After leaving the car park, which was still occupied by tradesmen applying finishing touches (Photo 2), in dry sunny weather we turned right and headed south  towards Wootton. Keeping left and passing the Church we carried on downhill to the bridge crossing the flooded River Glyme in order to take photographs.(3 & 4). The footpath on the left just over the bridge had been the intended route but due to floods further downstream we doubled back up the hill and took an alternate route on a footpath clearly marked to the right. We headed uphill in a north easterly direction emerging at a road (Photo 5). Turning right at the road we carried on past a Nature Reserve with an interesting long horned rare breed (Photo 6).


  Reaching the B4027 we turned right crossing a road bridge over the River Dorn then turned left and north on a footpath. Taking the right fork we headed uphill emerging at a bridleway where we turned left. The walking was easy on a concrete road past Lower Dornford Farm and then across fields until reaching Upper Dornford Farm where we turned left down a steep hill (Photo 7), Then across a slippery footbridge which had recently been submerged under the flooded River Dorn. (Photo 8)


  Heading west up to and through Woottondown Farm (Photo 9) we emerged at a road where we turned left past immaculate grass verges.(Photo 10). After a mile we turned right on a footpath leading back to the pub.(Photo 11).


  After the photo call outside (Photo 12) we were greeted inside by proud owners Jim and Claire (Photo 13) already busy with hundreds of locals who formed outside for a celebration photo (Photo 14)


  A great 4 mile walk in wonderful sunshine throughout ending with a packed pub with standing room only, however all the ales and food were complimentary for the special occasion.(Photo 15)  Wild Mule, Pride of Oxford, Uley Bitter and Oxford Pale ale.


  Our next walk is from the Bakers Arms at Broad Campden on 5th Jan when we visit Ray’s new tenants and start a New Year.


  Happy Xmas to all our followers.


  Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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