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Pub Walk (35) Saturday 30th June 2012, from the Tite Inn, Chadlington

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 35th Pub walk in our series took place on 30th June when some of our regular walkers met at the Tite Inn in the beautiful Evenlode Valley (Photo 1) This first joint event with North Oxfordshire Branch of CAMRA was arranged to mark the reopening of the Tite Inn by Ann Griffin and David Pye. Ann and David purchased and extensively refurbished this Good Beer Guide regular in 2012 after a period of closure.


  This reopening on 10th June was seen as an opportunity to hold a joint pub walk with North Oxfordshire CAMRA (Photo 2) around a five mile circular route of this quieter part of the Cotswolds. A copy of the route map was left at the pub for future use.


  After ordering our Ploughman lunches we headed South from the pub car park along a footpath running alongside Westend emerging at Brookend (Photo 3) where the stream glinted in the sunshine on its way to the Evenlode.


  Turning right then immediately forking left along a track still heading South we entered a field shortly turning East at a junction of paths. We crossed the next road onto another footpath across the next field passing to the South of Auborn House. We joined another path heading South East and then swinging South again through a copse (Photo 4) and crossing another feeder stream. The whole valley lay ahead and the walking was easy with open views until reaching the Wychwood Way at Greenhill Copse where we again headed East. The path was wide here before narrowing as we dipped down over another stream before passing the nature reserve and disused quarry emerging at Grove Lane. Crossing over through a gate past a flock of Cotswold Sheep (Photo 5) we turned North before Coldron Brook along a very overgrown path keeping the Brook on our right past Grove Farm until emerging at the Chadlington Road.


  We turned right then immediately left ( No footpath sign post) onto a drive before turn crossing a footbridge and skirting new paddocks on a clear path. A foal took a keen interest (Photos 6 & 7) Emerging at the road to Dean we turned right uphill before taking a path to our left between cottages. Through a small paddock past old stables we crossed into a field where we headed diagonally across to the West downhill avoiding the cows (Photo 8). Through a muddy gate crossing Coldren Brook again we walked uphill joining a track to the South of Langston House.


  Emerging at the Eastend of Chadlington we continued West and took the next road on the right past the school and houses before turning left reaching the Westend where a right and left turn past the playground brought us back to the Pub.( Photos 9 &10)


  A great 5 mile walk originally trialled on a cold day in February but today in wonderful sunshine throughout except for one brief light shower at the end.


  Brian Wray, N Oxon Camra Pubs Officer joined us at Lunch and enjoyed a selection of Doom Bar, Old Hooky and Wychwood Hobgoblin. A full menu is planned for 7th June and Timothy Taylor Landlord awaits in the cellar.


  We look forward to another joint event with N Oxon Camra but will not wait until then before returning to the re-awakened Tite Inn.


  Report by Roger Price


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