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Pub Walk (29) Saturday 5th November 2011, from the Inn on the Marsh, Moreton in Marsh

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale



The 29th Pubwalk in our series took place on 5th Nov 2011 when six our regulars turned up for a walk prepared by Martyn Herbert in the Moreton in Marsh area. This was the second organised walk of the winter season. We have one walk a month planned through to April 2012.


Joined by Jon Pilling and his new dog Max the boxer, and Peter Rowe we were guided by local member Tony Sharpe who made up for Martynís forced absence due to back problems with his local knowledge of the route. Parking in the Inn on the Marsh (Photo 1) one of our few Marston owned tied pubs. We set off at 1030hrs turning left and then crossed over the main road heading west along the high street. Taking the next right turn towards the Church we followed the footpath to the North passing the allotments before crossing over the main Railway line with care. The weather was dry as we crossed over two fields before emerging at the road near Tonyís house that leads to Evenlode. Taking the footpath immediately ahead and slightly right we crossed over 5 fields after passing the strange moon base structure seen on our right (Photo 2). This is the new council depot and salt storage stockpile.


Emerging at the next road we turned left past the well kept Wells Folly with its pedigree herd. (Photo 3). At the crossroads with the A44 we turned left pausing at the Four Shire Stone (Photo 4) Junction of Glos, Oxon, Warws, and Worcs before boundary changes. Definitely worth a photo and a brief rest.


Carrying on towards Moreton we came to a path on our right next to the Fire Services College which headed North along the Eastern boundary of the College. A delightful quiet walk along this stretch with the chance to see over the fence some of the training facilities at this world class Fire Training facility (Photo 5). We emerged at the Todenham Road and turned left along a road section back to Moreton with the mature trees in wonderful autumn colours.(Photo 6)


Back at Moreton we passed the Town Hall (Photo 7) and the White Lion Hotel (Photo 8) where Jon was pulled over as Max took a sudden fancy to a small white dog. Un injured he carried on to the Inn with its Festival advertised (Photo 8)


Spoiled for choice with the following on offer:-

Wadworth Swordfish, Everards Equinox, Hook Norton Flagship, York Guzzler, Adnams Broadside, Okells Red, and Evan Evans Warrior. (Photo 9)


We opted for the excellent Guzzler and Warrior with a tremendous good value Lunch (Photo 11)


Landlord Wayne posed with his wares (Photo10) and congratulations to one of our ten GBG pubs that continues to surprise and we have now corrected our omission of the Inn being the only GBG entry missing out on one of our famous walks.


The next walk our 30th re visits the Northleach area fora great new walk taking in Hampnett and Yanworth starting and finishing at the Red Lion Northleach at 1030hrs on Sat3rd Dec. This is the first pub to have two walks but this exception is worth it due to the walk in prospect and to celebrate the wedding of Landlady Carol in 2012


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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