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Pub Walk (28) Saturday 1st October 2011, from the Great Western Arms, Blockley

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale



  The 28th Pubwalk in our series took place on 1st Oct 2011 when six of our regulars turned up for a delightful walk in the Blockley area. This was the first organised walk of the winter season following our busy summer beer festival season. We have one walk a month planned through to April 2012.


  Parking in the Great Western (Photo 1) one of our few and best Hook Norton owned pub, we welcomed Jon Pilling of North Cotswold Brewery and his new companion, Max, the boxer. We set off at 1030hrs turning left and then crossed over the main road heading west passing and overlooking the immaculate bowling green to our left. At the road end we turned left heading south and downhill past the busy shop and snack bar with aroma of bacon sandwiches. Resisting temptation we carried on through this attractive old part of Blockley past the Crown Hotel. At this point Max was  distracted by the persistent interest of a passing female poodle but was redirected to our walk by his new owner and we carried on to the end of the road where we entered the estate woods. The glorious sunny weather was replaced by welcome shade as we headed south along the Five Mile Drive through the woods.(Photo 2)


  Our intended turn to a footpath on the right was missed but discovered when we retraced our steps, disguised as a pheasant compound gate. Martyn Herbert worked off a twinge to his back and rejoined the group as we headed north in open country with wide ranging views all around. We picked up the Diamond Way at Warren Farm with its patriotic Union Jack flying in the gentle breeze. Turning right downhill we re-entered the woods and cooled off before turning sharp left at an outstanding modern country house. (Photo 3) Leaving the house behind we headed steeply uphill through the Warren before turning right and resting at Shales Copse (Photo 4) then through open country downhill towards Blockley. A turn to footpath on the left (Photo 5) skirted along the West side of Blockley with a view of the Church with four spires (Photo 6) At the road we tuned left then right at road end, another right then left brought us back to the pub and a welcome rest.


  A table in the patio area was reserved (Photo 7) with great value lunches and two real ales from Hook Norton in excellent  condition, namely Hooky Bitter and Old Hooky.


  Congratulations to Landlady Sharon Brace who has recently become engaged and despite a very successful few years at the Great Western has not renewed her tenancy. We wish her well with family life and hope she continues to support North Cotswold CAMRA whilst living in the area.

The next walk our 29th is organised by Martyn Herbert starting from the Inn on the Marsh at 1030 hrs on Sat 5th Nov.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:


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