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Pub Walk (27) Saturday 14th May 2011, from the Bathurst Arms, North Cerney

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The 27th Pubwalk in our series took place on 14th May 2011 when eight of our regulars turned up for a delightful walk in a neighbouring Branch area, namely Cirencester sub Branch, part of Gloucestershire CAMRA. They are pictured in front of the Bathurst Arms (Photo 1), one of few pubs on the A435 Cirencester to Cheltenham Road which carries little traffic nowadays since the A417 link between the M4 and M5 was constructed.


  We set of in glorious sunshine over the rushing River Churn in front of the pub, crossing the main road to the opposite road leading to the Church. Passing the church we immediately turned right at the next bend onto a footpath heading uphill on a steep path. Over a stile into a field where the path is not marked. We headed up hill slightly to the left past large trees until we emerged at the road leading to Woodmancote. Martyn Herbert used to play cricket here and had taken the wicket of the local lord at the cricket ground that appeared on the right (Photo 2).


   After the cricket match replay we moved on towards Woodmancote with stunning views of Rendcomb College appearing on the right.(Photo 3). We turned right at a footpath opposite a house just before the village and followed the footpath over three fields joining the Macmillan Way. Emerging at the road heading East from Woodmancote we proceeded downhill past Old Park and Chris Coleman spotted a young owl perched on a post to our left (Photo 4).


   We proceeded downhill to the A435 crossing towards Rendcomb. The River Churn is particularly attractive at this point with well kept houses and gardens. There followed a steep climb up the road past the college turning right at the Post Office. Downhill now for a short distance before turning right onto a footpath running alongside a steep valley with distant views heading SW (Photo 5). Through a wood emerging close to the River Churn again walking S towards North Cerney.(Photo 6).


  This section of the walk was delightful easy walking in the flood plain of the Churn with a climb up for the last section after passing through a steel farm gate. We ended up on Chapel Lane with a short walk downhill to the pub.


  A table in the bar reserved for lunch (Photo 7) and 5 real ales in excellent condition reviewed with the landlord by our tame expert (Photo 8) namely:-


Codrington Royal

Box Golden Bolt

Cottage Sunbeam Tiger

Wickwar IKB

Stonehenge Danish Dynamite


 The last two served directly from the barrels in the cellar.


  The last walk of the season, unfortunately without any Cirencester hosts but we were very happy to borrow their pub. One walk each season will be joint with an adjacent branch with the next vacancy in March 2012. Our walks are scheduled to Feb 2012 listed on the event page of the web.


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:


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