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Pub Walk (24) Saturday 5th February 2011, from the Snowshill Arms, Snowshill

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale



Thirteen walkers turned up at the Snowshill Arms for the 24th of our Saturday Walks joined by the two non walking Herberts at Lunch time who were about to jet off to Lanzarote having turned down Tunisia.


The weather was not inviting so the turn out was good enhanced by the Mickleton brigade and returnees Graham and Sue from America which provided an international flavour.


The light drizzle abated as we set off after the obligatory photograph in front of this idyllic pub (Photo 1) heading SW down the main road . In a short distance a footpath to the right led downhill to a gate and open fields.(Photo 2) Past a lake (Photo 3) and across four fields, the weather brightening, we climbed the gradual slope to the other side of the valley emerging over a stile onto a track near Great Brockhampton Farm.


We turned right past some horse riders (Photo 4) for a quarter of a mile before turning right onto a footpath leading back across the valley with a good view of Snowshill in the distance (Photo 5) and a flock of wintered sheep looking for food. (Photo 6). After a steep climb we emerged at the welcoming sign for National Trust area of Snowshill with plenty of advice for walkers.(Photo 7). A choice was made at this point to carry on  for a few more miles or return directly to the pub (Photo 8)


They must be getting fit so we all turned left at the road and headed downhill towards Broadway turning right onto a bridleway after half a mile. This path, a new one to me, proved challenging climbing steeply through varied terrain of open fields and Broadway Wood was outstanding leading eventually to the lavender fields of Snowshill, unfortunately not in bloom (Photo 9). A right turn past the fields brought us back to a road then right leading downhill back to the Pub (Photo10)


Two beers awaited our arrival, Donnington BB and SB both in good condition already being sampled by the waiting holidaymakers served by our host (Photo11). An excellent lunch.(Photo 12) and our American visitors. (Photo 13).


Next walk is the 25th of the series on Saturday 5th March at the Horse & Groom free house at Upper Oddington near Stow. This pub has an excellent well kept range of Real Ale and we may have a very special four legged friend joining us on a very strong lead.


Report by:

Roger Price


Tel 01451 810305

Mob 07850 429630


Photos taken on the walk:



^ Photo 1 ^ Outside the Pub

^ Photo 2 ^

^ Photo 3 ^

^ Photo 4 ^

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^ Photo 9 ^

^ Photo 10 ^ Snowshill

^ Photo 11 ^ Inside the Pub

^ Photo 12 ^ Lunch

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