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Pub Walk (20) Saturday 9th October 2010, from the Butchers Arms, Mickleton

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  Eleven walkers turned up at the Butchers Arms for the 20th of our Saturday Walks, this time at Mickleton where an enthusiastic cluster of North Cotswold CAMRA members reside. They have sung the praises of one of their local pubs the Butchers on a number of occasions and since it is close to excellent walking countryside we selected it for the first walk following conclusion of the Summer Break and Beer Festival season.

We set off at 1040hrs heading left from the pub (Photo 1) then turning right at the main road before taking the next left towards the church.


  The weather was dry but the forecast for a warm sunny day subsequently proved wrong with cloud obscuring the normal wonderful views towards the Malvern’s anticipated on the return leg. However past the church at the end of the lane we entered a field and followed the path straight ahead. Through two fields with views of Kifsgate slightly to the left and ahead. We continued up the valley becoming steeper and challenging (Photo 2) as we neared the top emerging at a road and a welcome rest for a photo break. (Photo 3) Kifsgate Court was closed to visitors for the season but ahead lay Hidcote Manor which was open but not in our itinery today. We passed these wonderful gardens and turned right heading for Hidcot Bartrim with its old thatched cottages before crossing two fields with a busy farmer ploughing intently.


  At Hidcote Boyce we stopped in the main street and disturbed the two gold fish who live in the horse trough before reaching a stone statue for another photo opportunity. Crossing the road at the next junction we passed alongside a modern house built on the site of an old pub long forgotten. Along a footpath bordering a holly tree wood we crossed three fields before emerging at a junction of tracks taking the third exit we headed for Bakers Hill along a sheltered ridge bordering a beech wood with many signatures cut into the trunks from a bygone age. At path end we dropped down and crossed the road at Bakers Hill following a footpath downhill for one field. Crossing the next stile we swung to the right around the left hand edge of two further fields emerging at Mickleton Wood Farm. Take care if you see the notorious lively Welsh Border Collie who was held back by the elderly farmer as we passed by through the farm. At the end of the track we turned left towards Mickleton following the pavement and then retracing our steps back to the pub. A pedometer indicated 5.5 miles and the time was 1240hrs.


  This was a new pub to most of us offering Green King Abbot Ale and a guest Stonehenge Pigswill 4%. in excellent condition, nobody tried the Abbot. The food was very reasonably priced and excellent (Photo 6). Our next walk on 13th Nov is starting and finishing at the Feathered Nest Inn at Nether Wescott at 10.30am. The walk takes in an attractive route around an attractive valley not usually frequented by the tourists finishing in the reopened Wescott Inn now called the Feathered Nest which has three well kept real ales.


Report & Photos by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:


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