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Pub Walk (101) Saturday 4th December 2021, from the Fox Inn at Great Barrington

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


Eleven walkers turned up in fine weather for the 101st Saturday Pub Walk. This was at the Fox Great Barrington a Donnington Pub. The first walk here but one that must be included in a great walking area. Located just off the main A40 road west of Burford it is close to Barrington Deer Park.

We set off after taking the customary pub photo (Photo 1 and 2) and ordering lunch.


Heading North uphill past the high wall skirting the Barrington Estate then right opposite the main entrance through a five-bar gate to a footpath heading East. Cross a bridleway continuing East then turn South at the large Village Hall. This path across a field offers fine views over the valley.

Follow this to Barrington Mill around the footpath diversion crossing various parts of the River Windrush. A delightful part of the walk and the picturesque Mill (Photo 3). The last bridge crosses a fine stretch of the Windrush (photo 4)


Leading uphill past some idyllic cottages with colorful gardens (Photo 5). On reaching Middle Road turn right to the historic church (Photo 6) and take the footpath opposite called the D’Arcy Dalton Way. Leaving Little Barrington, it is easy walking to the A40. Take care in crossing this busy road to the footpath opposite heading South. After half a mile take the return footpath on the right heading back diagonally across two fields. At the road turn right to the A40 junction cross over carefully and take the footpath to the West past a garage to the Inn for all Seasons Hotel. Take the footpath just past the Hotel on the right heading North. This sheltered path skirts around a long disused quarry and passes a footpath to the right over a fence which is ignored on this walk so carrying on North downhill past farm buildings which are skirted keeping to the left. Fine views of the Barrington Park Stately Home open up (photo 7). Continue downhill to the corner of the field to obtain access to the road, emerging close to the historic riverside pub.

Donnington Gold and BB served and a fine walker’s lunch. (Photo 8)


Next walk is No 102 at the Churchill Arms Paxford, on Sat 8th Jan. A first at this Free House in pristine walking country. Park along the road alongside the Pub but no need to order lunch before setting off at 10:30 hrs.

Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:


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