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1st Summer Ale & Steam Weekend Reaches Toddington

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  The ever popular Ale and Steam Weekend run by North Cotswold CAMRA in conjunction with the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway, held on 16th and 17th August, was a great success and once again blessed with fine weather.


  Normally held at Winchcombe Station with 24 beers (Photo below) it was extended to include Toddington Station for the first time where 12 beers were also served from the No 2 Waiting Room on the North Platform. 8 ciders were also available split between the two locations.


  This encouraged train travel between stations for customers to experience the full beer range and also avoided any delays in serving the beers. The train journey time between stations was just right to consume a pint and be ready for the next one.



  Photo above shows the first train arriving in Winchcombe on Saturday, and right are some of the bar staff that helped at that station.


  Camping was arranged within walking distance at Grete with seventeen tents partying on Sat night. The helpers were provided with takeaways since Enterprise Inns Harvest Home had unexpectedly closed again cutting off their food and beer supply.



  << The ciders in Winchcombe bar.


  Since the bar ‘Set Up’ was one day later than normal on Thursday morning, racked and vented by 2pm, and tapped on Thursday night we set new performance records.


  Most of the beer was sold with Saturday the busier of the two days and the full range was available through to early Sunday.



  Photo right shows Jonathan, North Cotswold CAMA Hon. Secretary welcoming the firsr customers at Winchcombe.



 The second bar at Toddington proved very popular and was ideal for its new purpose with several picnic tables fully utilised in the warm summer weather. (Photo left)

  Photo right: Peter, North Cotswold Webmaster, and Martin, Moreton Festival Director, running the Toddington Glass and Token Stand.


  North Cotswold staff supplemented mainly from Cheltenham Branch were split between the two locations and easily coped with the new set up.



  Cheltenham helpers, Al and Caroline, on a rest break in the photo left.

Photo right: Craven Arms Sam and Barbara appreciate our new banner.



  We were also delighted to welcome new North Oxford Chairman and Vice Chairman with 11 members on Saturday who were attending for the first time and promised to return with more members next year. In the Photo left,Veronica welcomes N Oxford CAMRA team. (Chairman on left without hat)

Veronica welcomes life long member >>



  Membership Secretary Garry Hayward recruited 6 new members for CAMRA including North Cotswold Branches 200th member welcomed by Roger Price Branch Chairman (Photo left), and a lifelong Member for Cheltenham Branch who was welcomed by Cheltenham Branch  Chairman Veronica Emary. (Photo above)

Gary looking after the CAMRA recrutment stand at Winchcombe >>



<< Phillip, NCB Pubs Officer sports a new 2015 Polo shirt and discusses an advert from the Crown and Trumpet

First Train from Cheltenham on Sunday >>



<< The Winchcombe Station Master








  CAMRA members from Cambridge enjoying their beer in the photo below

  Congratulations to Festival Coordinator John Stocks and Good Beer Co supplier Rob Brady who again provided  a great range of beers including 6 locals with the furthest from Stewart’s Pentland brewed in Scotland 274 miles away.


 Winner of the Festival, the first to run out, was Hung Drawn and Portered from North Cotswold Brewery closely followed by Cavemans Citra. Both located at Winchcombe Station.



<<  Staff welcome 200th Member and discuss help at Moreton






  Photo below shows the bar and Picnic Tables at Toddington


  The Railway were delighted with the extra custom and rail travel. Andrew Smith from GWR felt it had been a huge success and hopes that we repeat this format for the Spring 2015 event.



  Both Festival bars were emptied in record time and reconverted to waiting rooms by 7pm on Sunday night and all empties and racking removed offsite. We are most grateful to the whole team who put in such a great effort across the two sites. Rob Brady is shown left recovering empties supervised by Trevor.



  We have ring fenced funding form 2013 added to 2014 for helpers trip once we have decided venue following Moreton. Clearly a visit to North Cotswold Brewery will not dent circa £800 accumulated in the pot.


  Report by Roger Price, North Cotswold CAMRA branch Chairman.