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10th Day Out Saturday 8th June 2013, to Hereford

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


  On Saturday 8th June 2013 twelve regulars from North Cotswold and Cheltenham Branches set off from Moreton and Cheltenham Stations in fine weather arriving at the first meeting point at Merton Hotel before noon. (Photo 1) Wye Valley Bitter and Ludlow Gold on offer to start the day off.


  Change of plan from Chief scout Martyn Herbert dropped the Bowling Green, now up for sale and redirected us to the Britannia (Photo 2) A walk across town in brilliant sunshine through the market and past the Bowling Green and out of the centre was very good exercise after the train journey.


  The Britannia is owned by Wye Valley and both pub and beer in mint condition. The respective Branches separating into two groups (Photo 3 and 4) on the extensive patio. The bar was very modern with three on tap served by friendly staff (Photo 5)


  Moving on to the Spread Eagle (Photo 6) in the adjacent road to Hereford Cathedral (Photo 7) with two thirsty members in the garden (Photo 8)


  Next to the Lichfield Vaults (Photo 9) and unusual range of beer (Photo 10) with a northern bias. Here  lunch was taken about 2pm in the garden with local resident Steve Gillespie joining us.


  On to the Victory (Photo 11)  with tremendous galleon bar justifying the name (Photo 12)


  Then on to the finale, the famous Barrels (Photo 13) Note the Whitbread previous name The Lamb Hotel still evident. Superb range of Wye Valley beers (Photo 14) and jam packed patio rear garden (Photo 15)


  Back at the station a final group photo before setting off back home (Photo16)


  Once again a great day out, well supported and thanks to Peter Rowe and Martyn Herbert for excellent preparatory work leading to a well programmed event.


Any Ideas for next year?


Report by Roger Price


Pictures taken on the day out:


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