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Pub Walk (17) Saturday 6th February 2010, from the Fox at Broadwell

North Cotswold Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale


Nine walkers and friends turned up at the Fox Inn for a walk / lunch / beer on a misty Saturday in February. The Fox had somehow slipped through the net of our GBG Pub Walks and since it now is the only Donnington Pub in the 2010 GBG this omission needed correcting.


The walk of 5 miles limit involved more roadwork than normal, necessary to meet the time restraints and to achieve a suitable figure of 8 route without retracing any steps.


We set off left from the pub car park at 1030hrs (Photo1) and soon took a footpath on the left into a field and then into the Church grounds, a very attractive part of Broadwell not seen from the road. Emerging onto the road North of the Church we turned right then left up the main road leading to the Fosseway. This uphill section soon gave way to a crossroads where we carefully crossed the main Cotswold artery and headed on to the village of Donnington pausing to see details of two barn conversions currently in construction. This route planned is part of the Monarch’s Way and we forked right OK but I missed the Monarch Way turning on the right at Donnington Manor farm and ended heading back South when back up navigator Patrick Phair identified the error and after significant abuse of the walk leader we retraced our steps taking the first evident footpath on the left.


Ground conditions were good and we soon crossed three fields arriving at a monument to the Battle of Stow, one of the last battles of the Civil War. We should have gone downhill at that point to the next crossing of paths and turned right except we cut the corner off by veering right at the monument. After further verbal abuse (16 walks and you get lost once!) we got back on track and followed the main footpath in a NW direction for a mile keeping the large wood to our right.


After 5 fields we emerged south of Longborough which is a good option for extending this walk, but we turned right onto the Monarchs Way for the return leg. This was fairly uneventful and easy to follow though muddy in places and would have been great viewing in clear weather.(Photo 2) At Donnington Manor Farm we were greeted by a small horse that seemed to take a fancy to Martyn. (Photo 3). We turned right out of the Farm and headed South out of Donnington before forking left onto a track past a farm and then through open country for half a mile before turning left and once again crossing over the Fosseway. A walk along a country lane brought us back to the Church for another look before arriving back at the Fox. (Photo 4) The mist had not lifted but Cheltenham had enjoying bright sunshine all morning.


Our non walkers awaited at the Fox and lunch was served in the back room with BB and SBA kept by Carol in excellent condition, and a lively crowd of locals adding to the atmosphere. (Photo 5)


Our next walk on 6th March is organised by Martyn Herbert at Winchcombe starting at the Old White Lion at 1000hrs looping south towards Belas Nap


Report by Roger Price


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Pictures taken on the walk:




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