North Cotswold Beer Festivals 2022

General and Bar Staff Briefing



Please try to arrive well before the start of each session, and sign in at the CAMRA stand where you will collect your helpers badge and tee shirt. It is a legal requirement to sign in at least once before serving any alcohol.

The Bar Manager will allocate and direct your duties and breaks. He will support you with staff beer allocation and barrel flow. Please acquaint yourself with the Beers in your section so that you can advise the customers.

If you are not on Bar Duty please report to the CAMRA stand for your free beer card.

On allocation of your tee shirt (if not already supplied) you can collect your free glass from the door staff, please retain this for later sessions.

Only serve beer/cider/perry in official 2022 Glasses. Own glasses are not permitted.



Only serve customers who have the official wristband.

The Bar Manager and his Cellar Man will prepare all casks for serving before the start of each session, and hard spile them at the end of the session. They will also tell you which casks are in use, and if any beers are being held back. Seek assistance from the Bar Manager if there are any flow or quality issues. Do not tip barrels under any circumstance unless directed by the Bar Manager. Glasses have pint and half pint measures marked. Fill to at least the line and do not give small measures. Voucher cards are being used this year. Please mark with a felt tip clearly the value used for the purchase of either half pint or full pint to the appropriate amount. The price is posted adjacent to the barrel and varies due to the alcohol content or gravity of the beverage.

If anyone appears to be getting incapably drunk, or is otherwise looking troublesome, please discreetly bring this to the attention of the Bar Manager since it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone who appears drunk.



We must be vigilant about this since we could lose our license for current and future years if proven to have served alcohol to persons under 18 years of age. The door staff will check anyone who looks under age at the door.



Unless directed by your Bar Manager these must not be used for sales before the end of the last session. This applies equally to helpers.



‘Last orders’ (15 mins before end of session) and ‘time’ will be called by the Bar Manager and signalled by flashing the lights momentarily. When ‘time’ is called complete any order you have started and then stop serving. Stand back from the bar, but remain in situ until the marquee has emptied. Do not serve yourself or other helpers after time.



A qualified first-aider is available near the Main Marquee entrance to deal with medical emergencies. Please ensure the Duty Manager is informed or advise the CAMRA stand to action this.

Plans are in place for two foreseeable types of emergency, fire and loss of electrical power(lights). Bar staff should follow the procedures described below; the Bar Manager and other staff will be notified separately of the action they should take.

The fire alarm is a gas operated horn, that will be kept by the front door of each Marquee. If you become aware of a fire shout “FIRE” until the door staff respond by sounding the alarm. The priority is to evacuate the Marquee and Bar staff should help usher customers out of the Marquee but should not unnecessarily delay their own exit.

In the event of a power outage after dark, a partial evacuation of the respective Marquee affected will take place. Complete any order you have started, then stop serving, but remain behind the bar. When the number of customers

has been sufficiently reduced, you will be given the go-ahead to start serving again.



In order to comply with Food Safety legislation, you will be asked when reporting for duty to sign a declaration that you have read and understood the following requirements.

“ You must wear clean clothes since stains can harbour germs. Hands and nails must be clean and washed thoroughly after:- Going to the toilet, smoking or taking snuff, handling rubbish, or handling cloths used for cleaning bar tops. Any cuts, grazes or wounds on hands or arms must be covered with blue waterproof plasters available from the CAMRA stand.

When behind the bar, you must not: Smoke, pick your nose, lick your fingers, sneeze or cough into glasses or beer, or put your fingers in glasses to be filled.”